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Irish Loophole Made MDMA Legal Temporarily

Ireland’s Temporary MDMA legalization   In March of 2015, Irish Government officials were quick to pass emergency legislation after a court ruling resulted in the legalization of MDMA in the country. There was a loophole in the judicial system stating that... read more

Long Term Effects of MDMA

In this article we will analyze the long term effects of MDMA. If someone is generally healthy and only taken the drug a few times and at low doses, then the long term effects of MDMA are not minimal. The drug is water soluble and will be excreted through your sweat,... read more

How Long Does MDMA Stay In Your System

So you wonder…how long does mdma stay in your system. MDMA can stay in the system for a few hours (6-12 hours), or a few days depending on how much has been taken or how many times it has been taken it. There are many variables here. For example, If it was your... read more

MDMA Effects

In this article we will analyze MDMA effects on the body and your mind. For the side effects of MDMA please click here.  MDMA effcts you in certain ways that are very powerful and deep. It hits you on a level that can not be described until one has become familiar... read more

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